mardi 12 février 2019

Welcome to all our Visitors !

 As you can see, "Templars" once again, for the first time in centuries, finds itself at the heart of the community; a focal point for when a focal point fits the bill during village activities. Time flies by and a steady flow of people from far and near who came to share the experience of old stones and real history that would not disgrace the pages of fiction.

 The "Royal Fire Salamanders" in the cellar thrill everyone who manages to see them skirting the walls and peering from the dampest corners.  They have been joined by "Midwife Toads" who patrol the flagstone stairs feasting on spiders and any insects that come within reach of a deft flick of the tongue.   Tiny "Little Owls" have reared their young again, "Scopes Owls", resembling a huge pair of eyes mounted on chicken feet have taught their two babies to fly and the "Barn Owls" slip out above the latrine and use the columns behind the house as launch and landing pads for their trainee pilots.

 Snakes have coiled and twisted, basked in the sun, shed their skins and slithered away in the finery of their new uniforms. Hundreds of butterflies, each to his own season, grace the dozens of Buddleia bushes.  Our Fennel, 8 feet tall, has hosted the rare "Swallow Tail" caterpillars. The "Hoopoes" came for their yearly visit, the "Golden Orioles" sang from the trees, the "Bullfinches", "Greenfinches", "Goldfinches", "Wrens", "Starlings", "Sparrows" and "Siskins" abound, the "Collar Doves"; the "Ibis" and "Herons", the frogs and the "Coypus" by the waterside.

 Our "Amazon Parrot" and the talking, dancing, singing, "Goffins Cockatoo", shriek to the village 300 yards away as the crow (or parrot?!) flies. 
We sometimes sit and wonder what our lives would have been like if we had never found the courage to trade a normal ambitious life, for the quality of life that we have about us in our odd existence on a French hillside .

Our Blog continues to draw readers from around the world, over 100 countries so far!  We would love to know who they are: we would love them to voice an opinion, ask questions, to be part of a family whose common interest in "Templars" binds us all together.

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