mardi 12 février 2019

Safari Dinner

We had been approached during the week long Art Exhibition, "LES ARTS A SAINT PAUL", here in St Paul la Roche, that Chris had been involved with (beginning of August every year!), about the idea of a Safari Dinner.  The meal was to raise money for the village primary school.  We had about two dozen people turn up on the day, Friday the 13th August 2010 (remember, the Knights Templar were arrested on a Friday the 13th !).  We gave them drinks and nibbles in the garden and Chris gave a talk in French and English on the history of the Knights Templar and the house.

We then walked to the site of the famous "Roche Blanche" with again, a talk and explanation of the site in both languages.  A tasty, simple three course meal was served "al fresco" and afterwards we walked down the hill to the site of the feudal watchtower that was destroyed by the English during the 100 Years War.  In the gathering darkness we walked back uphill to St Paul to have coffee and a selection of home baked cakes in the village hall.   A very enjoyable evening with good food, good company and plenty of fresh air and exercise! 
A taste of what village life is about.

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