mardi 12 février 2019

How it all began .....

From the fall of the Templars in 1307 until the French Revolution in 1789 and the rise of Napoleone Buonaparte as the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte in the late 1700's and early 1800's, "Templars" was home to a succession of Commanders and sergeants of the Knights Hospitaller; the Knights of Jerusalem, the Knights of Rhodes and then of Malta.  Whichever of the titles you wish to use.

Since the Knights departed the shores of France to continue their good works from more friendly parts; works that continue to this day and grow from strength to strength incidentally: "Templars" has changed hands as part and parcel of a succession of agricultural land deals; providing shelter from time to time for the poorest of paysans but never as a home that was to keep pace with the demands of a fast changing and modernising world.  Nor for that matter was it to be restored or kept in anywhere near perfect or even liveable condition.

A tractor size hole was made in the South West wall (front) in the 1960's. The mullion and transom of the front Renaissance Window in the Solar (1st floor) were wrenched out.  The legs of the Excideuil stone fireplace were heaved from a 7 foot thick chimney breast wall, to be sold for their carving and a tractor, a bulk oil fuel tank, a Renault 6TL and a Citroen BX were to take up residence in the Guard Room (ground floor).  A vain attempt to rid the Guard Room of a hump, caused by the slight rise of the floor over the vaulting of an air shaft through the 14 feet of external wall caused a 25 sq feet hole into the cellar vault, or crypt, again, whatever you choose to call it by.

However, "Templars", "La Maison du Commandeur de la Commanderie de St Paul la Roche", "La Maison Templier", "La Commanderie" and so on, pick a name, we chose "Templars".

"Templars" was intact and unabused, as much as the passage of time and the vagaries of a tribal France with little imagination and as little respect for its own heritage, particularly if the ancient hovel on a hillside does not carry the relevant grandeur to qualify title or uniform, would allow.

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