mardi 12 février 2019

As seen on TV ! !

We had the TV cameras here at Templars!!  This was to film the house (not us!) for a new series produced by BOUNDLESS PRODUCTIONS for the BBC which started on Monday 7th April 2014, on BBC 2. Templars was the first of the houses shown in the episode on the Dordogne region which was screened on Monday 21st April 2014.

Following the success of UK TV series "Escape to the Country"  a new series looking at property abroad called  "Escape to the Continent"   has been recorded.

We met the Production team when they came to view the house last September and then to film the property.  We also met the presenter, the charming Alistair Appleton.  The sun shone and the sky was blue, a perfect day for it.  Now we can say to everyone "As seen on TV" !!

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